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Customise your dream tapestry, and be as involved as you wish to be.


You want an artwork that you love, but also one that loves your space. You can send me photos of the room the tapestry should be designed for, and together we'll make sure it's a perfect fit. Get a head start on brainstorming here.

Interior Design


You can choose your favourite Australian natives to feature, but I'm open to other plants as well. It's all up to you! Get a head start on customising your tapestry by selecting your favourite plants here.



I'll translate our brainstorming into a watercolour sketch for a $50 deposit. After agreeing on the design, cost, and timeline, I'm off to create your dream tapestry!



I aim for complete transparency in the pricing of custom orders, so you'll never be hit with a surprise invoice. Barefoot Bouquet donates all profit, which you can read more about here.

The baseline cost of a custom piece is dependent on the size of the tapestry. It already includes details such as: painted background, painting on fabric, a variety of fabric types, and embroidering on fabric.


To emphasise the beautiful texture of some plants I layer, cut, sew, sandpaper, and fold various types of fabric together. For example, a banksia takes me 2 hours start to finish. That's why an abundance of these textured plants adds $100 to the baseline cost.


On some pieces, such as The Bouquet, I create three dimensional branches and vases that truly reach out of the canvas. This involves using wire, glue, and sometimes even sewing pillows for a plush, full look. The engineering of the sculpture-like elements adds $200 to the baseline cost. 

3D elements

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