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New Growth

New Growth


There is so much to say about bushfires in Australia, but this piece in particular is about the regrowth afterwards. These iridescent beads remind me of ash and embers, dark compared to the green sprigs of young leaves. The reddish orange background reminds me not just of fire, but of our classic Australian red soil. Despite wisps of dust in the sky, a full moon starts a new phase. 


As always, these materials are sustainably sourced: second hand frame, beads that my sister didn't want anymore (lucky me!), green fabric from a tshirt that lasted over a decade until my mum said that my dad can't wear the fraying shirt anymore, shimmery white gauze that was leftover from trimming a curtain that was too long, red fabric from Reverse Garbage, and most impresively - embroidery thread that my mum had in a shoebox for 40 years!

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