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Rustic Wattle

Rustic Wattle


This square burlap canvas features thick, expressive swooshes of blue paint that give the piece a sense of movement and energy. When I was creating the tapestry, I felt like the brushstrokes themselves were a form of expression and I was excited to see how the piece would turn out.


At the center of the tapestry is a bright yellow and orange wattle branch that really pops against the blue background. I wanted the wattle branch to be the focal point of the piece and to really stand out. The bright colors of the wattle branch bring a sense of warmth and vibrancy to the tapestry alongside the raw burlap.


By using recycled house paint for the thick blue brush strokes, I didn't just create beautiful texture, but I'm also reducing waste and preventing pollution. This artwork is a reflection of my commitment to sustainability and the environment, and I'm proud to offer unique and eco-friendly pieces to my customers.

  • Measurements

    15.5cm tall, 15.5cm wide, 2cm deep

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