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Love Letter to Eucalyptus

Seven hundred species are in the myrtle family, tribes within it known as eucalypts and gums. Through my research sketches for tapestries I knew there were many kinds of eucalyptus, but had no idea there are so many.

I'm really tempted to make a banner-style tapestry with one branch of each kind of eucalyptus, all lined up in a long long row. Anyone interested?

So far though, I've marvelled at a few different types.

I'm not 100% sure if what is in The Bouquet are silver bells exactly, but the nuts seem seem to echo the name. I love the dark centric circle, and how there are four edges on a seemingly round nut. I recreated those edges with seams in the body of the nut, which was wrapped around a scroll of brown and beige fabric scraps.

My favourite thing about gunnii eucalyptus, baby blue eucalyptus, and most rounded-leaf sub species is the arrangement of the leaves. They stand straight out from the stem, almost creating a shelf - and better yet, they rotate around the stem! These are featured in Four Corners of Australia and The Bouquet.

I have some more in the works now, and will add to this post with each recreation of another kind of eucalyptus. To stay updated, follow @BarefootBouquet on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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