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Recreating the Frangipani

It took me a while to figure out how to recreate the gorgeous soft curves of frangipani petals. They're delicate, but have dimension and structure. In the end, a stiff fabric with small folds brought me closer to my vision.

For the Home Sweet Home tapestry, the frangipani blossoms will be white and yellow. This adds another hint to the tapestry's predominantly yellow and purple colour scheme. Other variations of the frangipani tree include pink and almost orange flowers. The way I the flowers any colour is the same though, with acrylic paint. When I run out of acrylic paint, instead of buying more I'm looking into more sustainable paints and fabric dye from local Indigenous artists who use native plants to achieve beautiful colours. The most sustainable thing is the one you already own, so until then...

Here is a video of how I plan, sew, and dye the flowers - as well as a sneak peak of the process for the leaves!

While frangipani isn't native to Australia, it certainly has settled into Home Sweet Home.

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